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Despite my obvious disagreements with it's provenance, the Mars Rover Program, which I've briefly mentioned before, is a hell of an accomplishment.

Now it turns out that the Spirit Rover, which has long outlived it's planned lifetime, has gone gimpy. One of it's wheels is dead, just dragging along like a man with a broken leg who lost his crutches.

One consequence of this is that it puts a crimp in their style - they have to be more selective about where to send the rover. Another consequence is that the dragging wheel leaves deep furrows in the soil behind the rover as it limps along.
But [team member Ray Arvidson of Washington University] adds that the rover's wheel failure is not entirely bad for the mission. "It's exposing the underlying materials as we go - that's a bonus."
When life hands you lemons... Just think what guys with that kind of talent, persistence, and optimism could accomplish in the private sector.

Hat Tip: Ned Batchelder


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