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This commenter over at Richard's place, judging from his previous comments, is not some commie pinko. At least he's taken pains to differentiate himself from the left, so I'll assume he puts himself somewhere on the right.

He's living proof of the idea that politics can never solve our political problems. He's on the right, but he accepts all of the left's premises, hook, line, and sinker. Those principles are, fundamentally, collectivist metaphysics, zero-sum economics, and altruistic ethics. They're all right there in his arguments, if you care to lift up the rock and see the worms that live underneath. You can't make the arguments he did without those premises.

Strip away all the sound and heat, and what you are left with is the fact that the only disagreement between the left and the right is over what is the best way to implement communist principles.

But those principles - collectivism, altruism, and zero-sum economics are the root cause of our political problems. Politics itself is only possible under those principles. The elimination of those principles - the only problem in politics that matters - is not possible starting from those principles, any more than the problem of being trapped in a hole can be solved by digging faster.

UPDATE: The debate continues in the comments over at Uncommon Sense. Do read them all if you are interested. Also, my earlier article "The Most Important Economics Lesson You'll Ever Learn" explains away the fallacy of zero-sum economics, and forms the basis of my argument in the aforementioned comments.


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