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Billy understated it

I watched most of "Grizzly Man" the other day. Horrified doesn't quite describe it, but it's the only word I have that gets close. Not only was Treadwell insane, quite literally so, but no-one in that move had a full grasp of reality. Even the narrator/filmmaker was just holding on by his fingernails.

I expected a movie full of liberal propoganda, but this was so much beyond that that politics isn't even an issue anymore. Not only Treadwell himself, but his ex-girlfriend and some doctor or scientist type whose name and relation to the story I missed were particularly horrific.

Watching this, I saw three people (and a few bit players) who were well along in the process of becoming animals. Not vicious, dangerous animals, but timid, scared animals without even claws and instinct to guide and protect them. It's hard to explain fully, there's no rational analogy to even relate it to. The most common facial expression was some kind of pleading stare that the camera held for long seconds, as if it was some profound window into their souls. Except that it was more like looking into the windows of an abandoned house containing no furniture or decor, only a few discarded trinkets to indicate that a person had ever been there.

The word that comes to mind for that stare is supplication. It was, as literally as I've ever seen it, a look of complete and conciously intentional helplessness. If you want to see the logical end of the idea of selflessness - not as generosity or good will, but as abandoning the self, the very idea of self - look into those faces for as long as you can stand it. That is the look they want all of us to walk around with every day.

There's no way to fully convey this in words. Words presume reason, concepts, a reality for them to refer to. That's not possible in describing this, there's no point of connection on which to attach words. It has to be seen directly, not to understand it - that is not possible - but to provide an ostensive example of something that can't be defined, or even conceived of, any other way. It's a vision of hell.


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Posted by Mr.Twister at Sunday, March 12, 2006 05:11 AM

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