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I've had to disable comments for now. I haven't been very actively posting, and I haven't had a legitimate comment for weeks, so it's no loss for the moment. When it was two or three comment spams a day, I could just delete them, but now it's two pages per day, and I can't keep up.

I don't have time right now, but there are several options available. The most likely is a CAPTCHA system, which is a mild inconvenience to people leaving legitimate comments, but nearly impossible for a bot (so far).

I don't have to tell you how frustrating this is. This blog is my property, and spam is trespassing. In a sane society that honors property rights, spammers of all kinds would be shut down and shut down hard. But we don't live in such a society.

When I have time to implement a system that keeps them out, I will open up comments again. If I can find a "nuclear option" to hurt them bad, I will use it.


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