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Well, not my roots exactly, but the roots of this blog.

When I started this blog, my purpose was to spend less time on the things holding us back, and more time on what they are holding us back from. Richard has manged to tie the two together nicely and in the process, take me back to one of the founding articles I wrote when I began this.

I've managed to stay mostly out of the fray of commenting on every new political and social outrage, not because they're not outrageous, or because they are not worthy of comment, but because there's plenty of others who do a much better job than I could, and because I wanted to have a different focus. But I've been drawn into it more often than I'd have liked, in part because it's such low hanging fruit, and I don't always have time to get out the ladder.

But there's a reason for some of those entries in my blogroll, the ones marked "Life", "Intelligence", and "Technology" that are mixed in with all those that say "Freedom" or "General" (which has mostly turned out to be a broader version of "Freedom"). They are the things I wanted this blog to be about. Go follow some of those links, they're not only good reads, but you'll be astounded by some of what you find there. They represent what we are going toward, not what is holding us back from getting there.

The four together - Life, Intelligence, Technology, and Freedom - are what I believe to be the irreducable requirements for a human future. They are as inseperable as are the mind and the body of man. In fact, they are the mind and body of man - of human man. Without any one of them, we may have a future, but it is likely to be as inhuman and as ghastly as most of our past has been, if not more so.


And don't look back, it's not a pretty sight.


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