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Current reports say at least 7 separate but obviously coordinated bus and subway bombings in London, possibly suicide bombers. The death toll is currently 10, but it will most likely grow as the recovery efforts continue.

Al-Quaida has taken credit, no surprise there. I hate to say it, but at some point - and this may be that point, if 9-11 and Madrid weren't already it - the only solution will be to "go medieval" on somebody. An appropriate response at this point might be to promise that whatever part of the world that is currently harboring bin Laden will - once we find out where it is - be turned to glass and rendered unhinhabitable for centuries. It might not be very libertarian of me, but there may not be any solution short of purging the earth of anyone and everyone who even remotely supports this kind of thing.

One bright spot - and it's a very faint candle in a very dark day - is that this probably means no more anti-capitalist protests at the G8. I don't imagine the British police having much patience in the next few days for masked anarchists shutting down streets and breaking windows. Even those miscreants will probably realize that violent protests now will only serve to associate themselves with those who did this.


Going medieval won't work.

And would bring us down to their level.

There have to be other ways.

Posted by Daldianus at Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:13 AM

No, it wouldn't bring us down to their level, not if it is a necessary and sufficient condition to stop this. You're right that it would probably not work, only because we're not capable of finding and killing all of them, so it would not meet the criteria of sufficiency.

But what do you do to stop people who oppose every single value you hold, who explicitly reject reason as a means of deciding their actions, and who are not afraid of anything? There is no threat you can make that will affect them, there is no argument that can sway them, and no common ground whatsoever for compromise.

Comparing criminals to animals is an all too common hyperbole, but in this case it is literally true. Radical Islam has explicitly rejected everything that is essential to being human: values, reason, and self-preservation (this last makes them lower even than animals). There is nothing that can be done to prevent such a person from acting other than to render them physically incapable of acting.

For everyone that straps a bomb to themselves, there is a community of people who support and enable them to do it. By the time they actually strap on the bomb, is it already too late to stop them?

Every such community starts with an idea - the rejection of values, reason and self-preservation. By the time the idea turns into a community of people working to put bombs on people and send them out among us, is it already too late to stop them?

There's frightening ramifications in those questions. Do you have a more comforting answer than I can come up with?

Posted by kylben at Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:54 AM

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