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There is much truth here, and much childishness. But hey, there's worse crimes than childishness.

I may have spoken positively of Molyneux at some point in the past. I probably didn't, because there were plenty of red flags prior to fully figuring him out, but if so, I apologize for misleading. After a short while, I pretty much pegged him the same as the guys at the link, and promptly forgot all about him. Just remember that, when he makes the news some day.

See why first hand.


The Guardian today published an article exposing the cult of FDR.

Molyneux is "horrified" that a mother of one of his members "is using the media to abuse" the poor boy. He says "it is scary to see what parents can do" and that the mother is narcissistic and only about manipulation and satisfying herself. "What sort of mother insults the integrity and intelligence of her own son in a newspaper."

Molyneux says the reporter, Kate Hilpern, is a weapon in the hands of the mother. He describes the article as "smarmy " and "manipulative" in a "British rag."

Molyneux believes the article is a net positive for FDR in the long term, saying "the truth about FDR shines through in the article ... it's not possible to write about FDR without the truth coming out ... Except for what it does to Tom, I'm happy that it's out there."

Posted by ANCAPS at Saturday, November 15, 2008 01:32 AM

And of course this will all be used as a cudgel against objectivism and ancap/agorism. I'm surprised the article didn't mention the philosophical nature of the cult. She probably thought the deFOO angle was so juicy she never bothered to explore any further.

Posted by kylben at Saturday, November 15, 2008 05:07 AM

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