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This country has long had a culture of freedom and common-sense morality that resisted increasing tyranny and held the spirit of the Declaration against it, even when the letter was violated. There has been creeping tyranny, no doubt, but so long as the common man was mostly left to live his life, it was thought distant and abstract (except in the south, they had first hand experience, but were effectively silenced).

The depression was a shock to that culture like none it had seen, one that grew from the toe-hold that tyranny had so far established. In that shock, the culture as a whole turned to the government that it still saw as benevolent. WWII cemented the marriage of activist government to the culture of freedom.

The effort since has been to deceive, undermine, dilute, marginalize, and suppress what remains in that culture. The media tells us that what is wrong is right, and what is right is wrong. Not just news, but movies, music, literature, fine arts, all of it. The courts tell us that rights are privileges, fairness and justice determined by need instead of moral correctness. Our culture is diluted by the mass importation of immigrants who, rather than assimilating to our culture as past immigrants have done, agitate - aided and abetted by the media and elected officials - for us to assimilate to theirs. Our schools teach that the values of our culture are, first, no better than any other, then second, that they are depraved and immoral.

Our best instincts, moral and just, are turned against us. Every opportunity to claim that injustice is what is demanded by our principles is exploited for all that can be had. Our economic system, the best and most just and moral the world has ever seen, is denounced as unfair and exploitive, while the vast resources it creates are used to further diminish and suppress the culture and markets that provided them.

It's a tall order, and those that embarked on the effort knew it would take generations. Their one virtue was patience. Their efforts have paid off beyond their wildest dreams. It is the end game, and they know it. Mostly, only they know it. Those raised in the culture of freedom have been diminished to the point that they have no voice and little power. There's enough of them left to make a stand now, but they are for the most part too cowed, too confused, too guilty - in their own minds - to summon the moral courage needed to do so. In another generation at most, there won't even be enough to matter even if their minds and vision should suddenly clear.


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