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This blog has a long political "heritage", if you want to call it that. But advancement is the antithesis of politics. I'm here to talk about more, so much more, than politics. Things that will make politics a distant, slightly odd, memory.

Technology is number three in my "big four" topics. It, like all the others, has ramifications for the other three. I'll be listing, as much for my own benefit as yours, those areas of technology - I'll call them "Advancement Tech" - that I think pertain to the other three in ways that have the potential to advance the human race in ways unimaginable to us now. All of those I list pertain to each area.

I'll post them in a series of four articles over the next week or so, the next three each pertaining to one of the areas of Life, Intelligence, and Freedom. This is just a catalog, a way to organize a much larger discussion that will be ongoing here, and so I won't explore any of them in depth here. But these are the areas to watch, both to keep up with the cutting edge of human advancement and to be alert to emerging business and investment opportunities.

There are a few areas of technology that are so broad, or so fundamental to other areas, that I can't fit them into any of the other three categories. So they'll just be here in the Technology category, but they have application to all four aspects of Human Advancement.

  • Business - Richard Nikoley has called business the technology of capitalism. Human advancement will also be business advancement - new technology requires new and better methods of allocating resources, along with the production of new and better resources to allocate.

    New technologies will require a greater cooperative effort than has ever been assembled before. Cooperative is not collective. The means of getting people to work together in the past - from slavery to vast production lines to strictly heirarchal corporations - will not be able to cope with the demand and the massive organization of resources, labor, adn creativity required. Free markets are the greatest engine of cooperative effort ever seen, and advancement technology will absolutely depend on using them to the fullest extent possible.

  • Spontaneous Order - Order need not be planned nor accidental, but can arise naturally within physical and abstract systems. Concrete examples range from evolution to markets, and many areas in between. Increasingly, new technology is explicitly using spontaneous order to solve problems that were previously intractable and create systems that are difficult or impossible to devlop or maintain.

  • Materials Science - This is a core element that cuts across all areas of new technology. The traditional materials alone cannot support the standards of weight, strength, durability and other properties that advancement tech will demand. The development of new materials is already rapidly, but so far quietly advancing. New plastics, ceramics, carbon fiber, and more exotic materials are being discovered or created every day. Materials that change their properties in the presence of heat, light, pressure, or electrical and magnetic fields are becoming increasingly common, while Nanotechnology promises the ability to construct materials and objects through the assembly of individual molecules, possibly making mass production of physical objects the future equivalent of today's mass production of books and artwork from simply selecting "print" on a computer screen.

  • Alternative Energy - Energy is the blood and muscle of all technology. Alternative sources are rapidly becoming cheaper, more efficient, and more applicable to a variety of needs. New discoveries have improved the efficiency of solar energy collectors considerably, as well as taken them out of their rigid rooftop frames and brought the promise of efficient and inexpensive solar collectors in places where they were previously impractical, even on clothing. Solar and other sources like wind, waves, and geothermal are just the beginning.

  • Transportation - Transportation has been a fundamental driver of Human Advancement throughout history. The ability to travel quickly and efficiently has broadened markets, provided greater access to resources, and given people a larger geographic area in which they can seek opportunities. This is where the flying cars fit in.

  • Advancement Tech part II - Life (coming soon)
  • Advancement Tech part III - Intelligence (coming soon)
  • Advancement Tech part IV - Freedom (coming soon)


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