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I was just struck by a connection I had not made before. A software EULA ("End User License Agreement") is a contract, usually found inside the packaging, or as actual data on the software installation media, that says that opening the packaging constitutes consent to the contract. Most software cannot be returned if the packaging has been opened, so withdrawing from the contract comes at the cost of forfeiting both your use of the product you bought, and your right to a refund.

To the extent that the Constitution is a contract, it is a contract that those born under it only learn the full meaning and implications of after having lived under it's terms long enough to attain the intellectual capacity and experience required for understanding it. Leaving the womb is considered consent to the contract. Returning to the womb is not an option, so declining the contract comes at the cost of moving somewhere else, at your own considerable expense, and abandoning whatever start of a life you've made here.

Nice racket.


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