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Rich has some very nice comments about my "return" to blogging. Heís going to give me a big head, but I sure do appreciate it regardless. As to that ďreturnĒ, Iím not committing to any regular output, nor even to keeping it up, though I do indeed feel that burning need to get some words out again.

I never explicitly decided to stop back in (holy crap!) June, when I made my last post before these recent ones.

I just found that I had become more interested in taking things in, and analyzing things, than in spouting off about them. I guess thatís changed now, but donít count on it not changing back again in the future. Iíve always done this for myself, and while itís nice to have readers, and I understand that their regular readership deserves to be acknowledged by providing as much value as I can in return, the kind of writing I do here does not lend itself to being forced due to external commitments.

So, enjoy it for now, so long as you find it enjoyable, and if I hit another dry spell, just keep the RSS subscription active, and you never know when Iíll pop back up on the radar.

And thanks again, Rich.


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