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Well, Andrew, look at it this way: What if some newspaper were to publish a list of all those in the county who are not concealed carry licensees? I'm sure some people would find that a very interesting list - let the gang-bangers plan their day a little better, maybe.

Though I don't know how anyone could get such a list. I mean, it is a lot of work to go through the phone book and scratch off any of the names that appear on the CCW list. And it's probably too much work for the gang-bangers to go down to the county building, figure out which office to go to, pay a small fee, and then transfer the list to their computer. Oh, wait, all they have to do in Tennessee is buy the morning paper. Never mind.

Gee, Andrew, I hope you're not one of those whose name ever doesn't appear on a list of registered gun owners printed by your local newspaper.


Surely your security is increased if you carry a gun and advertise the fact that you carry a gun. It also means that less people get shot.
Yes, publishing the list was dumb, but why would anyone want conceal a firearm which they have a right to carry? If I had the right to bear arms you can be damn sure I'd be packing it on my hip for the world to see. I'd also wear a T-shirt with the best target from my sessions at the range printed on it so everyone would know how good a shot I was.

Posted by mandrill at Thursday, May 10, 2007 01:26 PM


It's the difference between privacy and secrecy. It's not necessary to keep gun ownership a secret, but some people may want to keep it private. As Billy (see Blogroll) said, "For the same reason that anyone might want to hide a dildo.".

Or, look at it another way: are you ashamed of your sex life? Do you want to publish the details in a newspaper?

But the reason I'm talking about in this article is that one of the beneficial side-effects of concealed carry is that even those who are not carrying gain some measure of protection from the fact that, since others are carrying concealed, the bad guys don't know for sure that they're not...

Unless somebody goes out of their way to tell them who is, and by implication, who is (probably) not.

Posted by kylben at Thursday, May 10, 2007 04:22 PM

This is the 2nd time this has happened recently. Fortunately, both times, the database was quickly taken down.

I am very tempted to take the time to search every available public record in TN and list as much information about those people involved in this little stunt as possible.

After all, the records are public. Surely they wouldn't object.

Posted by Liberty Dog at Thursday, May 10, 2007 09:25 PM

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