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It's probably a selection bias, but it seems like I'm reding more this time about how the gun-grabbers in Virginia share in the blame for the latest mass-murder shooting spree. And of course, the other side asks us how dare we politicize such a tragedy.

They're right. This kind of thing should not be politicized. So repeal all the damned gun laws.

You see, this tragedy was politicized long before it occured. And all the other ones that came before it have been politicized relentlessly.

The right to defend ones self, and to own and use the tools necessary for it are not controversial. They just are. It is taking that right away that is politicization. It is politicization that leads to these things becoming as bad as they are.

Do you remember the Appalachian Law School shooting? It happened back in 2002. A gunman rampaged through the school and killed lots and lots of people... Oh, wait, no he didn't. Because one of the students there was able to get his gun out of his car and stop the guy after he killed the school's Dean. Of course, that one was not politicized.

If not for this, the VT story may have been much the same, a local story about a guy who killed his girlfriend before her resident advisor intervened and dropped him. It might even have made the 6:00 national news, and page 3 of the morning paper.

And maybe 28 or 29 people who are dead today would still be alive. But they're not, because of politics.


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