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It's not the History Channel, but it's quite an adrenaline rush, and visually stunning. It hits the right notes on freedom and resistance, though without explaining in any kind of detail the nature of the freedom they are fighting for. Parts of it felt a little flat, but then, I had let my expectations run wild prior to seeing it last night. On the other hand, the story had (a little) more depth to it than I thought it would.

If you go, buy your tickets in advance online. It's reportedly selling out everywhere (though the theaters are scrambling to add more screens and showtimes), and heading for record territory.


I agree completely, well worth the watch. Was almost enough to get me running down the street in only my underwear, determined to resist the oppressors at every opportunity, my wife talked me out of it, I don't have the knees to be a spartan. You can probably get an idea of the feelings evoked from my post <a href="">"How many would it take today?"</a>. A movie which everyone should see, and learn the history behind, lest we forget what freedom costs, what it means, and what may need to be done to defend it.

Posted by Mandrill at Wednesday, March 21, 2007 05:30 AM

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