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No, not those kind of pigs, but these. Javalinas are common around the peripehery of Tucson, and they're mostly harmless. But not always.

As a side note, I've always heard around here that they are not actually related to the better known Suidae - a vital component of breakfast - but Wikipedia says different. Oh well, around here, we call 'em "pigs", and everyone knows what you mean.

Anyway, this particular band of a dozen or so roving wild "pigs" attacked a woman walking her three chihuahas, (which are also as common as rats around here, and often mistaken for such), and managed to injure not only the dogs, but the woman. I used to live about a mile from where this happened, up in the foothills right on the edge of town, and I can tell you, the pigs are thick as theives around there. (As were the coyotes - I fell asleep to their back and forth howling every night - and the woodpeckers, who thoughtfully woke me up at the crack of dawn by frantically hammering the metal chimney pipe, so that the sound echoed through the entire house like it was a full brass band.)

Coming home very late one night, I stepped out of the car to a pitch black apartment parking lot, only to hear the sound of snuffling all around me. When my eyes adjusted, I looked down to find that I was in the middle of a whole pack of 'em, just sniffing around in the dirt looking for food, not minding the slightest bit that I had practically stomped their toes while blindly stumbling across the lawn. Well, I was on the hood of my car in a flash, but they never even noticed, not even when I started throwing empty coke cans at them (and a few full ones) to get them to move away from between me and my front door. They eventually did so, in their own sweet time, and we parted company still friends.

Though I've heard stories about them attacking dogs, and even infants, I've always chalked it up to a once in a blue moon thing that gets passed around as having happened to the "best friend of a guy I used to work with's uncle". I've always been more than happy to share the neighborhood with them. They've never bothered me, but then again, I never went through the neighborood dragging around bait on a chain.


Get a cane corso...Dogs especially breed to hunt and bring down Large Wild pigs or Bor...I have 2 for my walks in the woods. 140lbs male and 100lbs female. By the way mine are friendly to other dogs including little toy ones carried in a hand bag.

Posted by chila at Monday, December 11, 2006 09:49 AM

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