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truth (noun): "that which allows identification of the cause that will produce a desired effect"

  • that - something, an existent in reality
  • which - not just any thing, but a specific thing of a particular nature
  • allows - does not conflict with, does not contradict
  • identification - the process of consciousness, of putting a concept to a fact of reality; "identify" is the verb form of the word "consciousness"
  • of - consciousness's object, that upon which consciousness acts
  • the - a particular thing, unique, specific, exists in reality
  • cause - an action, a change applied to a given context by an existent of a specific nature
  • that will - in the future, predicted, a conceptual abstraction until concretized by real action
  • produce - leads to, creates, the process of causation
  • a desired - something valued by a specific consciousness
  • effect - a result, the state into which the context changes due to the cause

Words mean things, and this, in a nutshell, is what the word "truth" means, and what the words in the definition mean. Truth is a relationship between consciousness, value, and reality. Take any one of these away, and the word, the very concept, ceases to have meaning. Truth does not exist out there in the world, independent of consciousness, and it does not exist "in here", independent of reality, arbitrarily different for each of us.

Truth is meaningless outside the context of future action: it is validated by reality when, and only when, an action occurs. Truth is meaningless without value: any cause can be chosen if the effect does not matter to someone. Truth is meaningless without identification: only the correct cause will produce the desired result. Truth is meaningless without a reality that pre-exists conscousness: There has to be something for consciousness to identify, and the correctness of the identification is the degree to which the effect produced by the actual cause correlates to the effect predicted.

Divorce truth from any of it's essential components - disintegrate it - and you're asking for trouble. History is full of examples of finding trouble exactly there. "Truth" divorced from value is Ivory Tower proseletyzing. "Truth" divorced from consciousness is blind obedience. Truth divorced from reality is religious or political dogma. "Truth" divorced from any of these cannot be validated logically, and so must be "validated" forcefully if it is to be retained at all.

The fact that I posted this today shouldn't be taken to imply that it has anything at all to do with the elections. It doesn't. But, on the other hand, it has everything to do with today's elections.


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