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Human Advancment is meant to refer to the advancement of individual humans. That means you, and it means me. I have another blog, called "Adventures in Programming", very rarely updated, that is my take on the business and technology of software engineering. The twist is that most articles take the form of a conversation with myself, the myself of maybe 20 years ago. I've learned a lot since then, and I wish I could go back in time to tell myself about all those things so I could learn them sooner than I did.

But it serves another purpose, which is to help me - the here and now me - to sort out some of those lessons. Doing so is fundamentally about human advancement - learning from the lessons of the past, both the mistakes and the successes, and building on that knowledge to advance myself.

There are many obstacles and traps to overcome on the way to advancement. One of the biggest obstacles to freedom - freedom in its widest context, which includes political freedom, but also the personal freedom to control your own life - is debt and a dead-end job. In this extremely long post I examine one of the ways to start overcoming this trap. The intended audience is those entering the IT profession, or even those who have been in it for some time, but it also contains lessons more broadly applicable to any kind of job, even to life in general.


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