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This is the archive for March 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

There's something odd about the Jill Carroll incident. I listened to the breaking news in between hitting the snooze alarm and gathering enough cognitive function to find the floor with both feet at the same time, so I'm not yet even sure of all the details. On the other hand, I've noticed an unusual ability to detect patterns and connections during that semi-awake, almost lucid dreaming, state.

The story of her treatment doesn't seem to fit with the videotape that was realeased a couple of months ago (and with the treatment reported by other released captives), and her release is just too out of the blue and apparently causeless to ring true. I won't even speculate on what it might be, but I think there is some story behind this that we may never hear about, beyond the usual political machinations of the kinds of people that do this in the first place.

Scratch that, I will speculate, just a little bit, now that I'm awake enough to think more clearly. I think the range of what could have happened might lie somewhere along a spectrum from some morally grey deal to gain her release, to a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome, to the whole thing being some kind of setup.

I have no evidence or sound logic to back this up, nor even any clear hypothesis, it's just a hunch. I'll be interested to see if this fades away, or if things start to come out. Either way, it's good that she's out, and lets hope it starts happening more often.

UPDATE:As I speculated in my comment, the statements she made immediately after her release were made in circumstances where she still felt she was under duress. Even if she wasn't actually still under threat, I don't think it was an unreasonable belief given that it was only moments after 3 months of captivity and isolation, and the fact that the interview occured in Sunni party headquarters. It appears at this time that my initial reaction was wrong.