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This is the archive for February 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

I worked for Tom Monaghan for about ten years, on and off. Not for him directly, I've never met him, but nonetheless for him in the sense that his vision permeated every aspect of the work there. It was a brilliant company in its time, and I learned a hell of a lot that is still with me today.

Monaghan has always had his nutty side. It showed through even then, but I vaguely remember a sense that he had gone a little off the deep end around the time he sold Domino's, which was also about the time that the company lost it's vision and irredeemably diluted it's unique position both in the market and in public awareness.

His new venture tells me that he's still a little off. He's decided to create a "Catholic only" town in Florida. It's going to have all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a theocracy: abortions banned, pornography will be nowhere to be found, the sale (and presumably use) of contraceptives will be strictly off limits. And the whole town will be centered on a Catholic university he'll build.

You can imagine the reaction of the left. They are of course planning to drown the project in lawsuits. They are already screaming about persecution, about the freedom of alternative belief systems, about the rights of the promiscuous to obtain chemical redemption and medical denial of the consequences of their actions. And just in case that doesn't fly in court, they have a backup plan. Apparently, there's an endangered species of panther nearby that won't be happy surrounded by Catholics.

What the left is really worried about is that some people might be able to live their own values without influence from the intelligentsia and political thuggery that is the usual means for the left to impose their values on everyone else. It's a genuine worry. About 7000 people have expressed an interest in buying property, and some 60% of the commercial space is either already leased or about to. Seems that people are voting with their wallets for Catholic values, and that just won't do for the left who know better, even if it is only one tiny little corner of the vast United States.

I'm as opposed to theocracy as anyone. You want to tell me how to live my personal life on my property, or on the property of those with whom my wish to interact is mutual, then I sincerely wish you an eternal stay in the worst pit hell has to offer. I'm even offended by Monaghan's vision of how he wants the people of his little town to live.

But it's not for me to say. There's one fact in the article that is in the end the only fact that matters to the rest of us who won't be buying property there:
Monaghan has bought about 5,000 acres
Case closed.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is what it's always been about - everything else was just an excuse, a pretense. And it will not end until either we are destroyed or this ideology is. You want to compromise? To make nice and stop making them mad at us? To give them money to build better schools and hospitals? To show them the benefits of democracy? There's only one thing that will appease them, there's only ever been one thing, and any negotiation, compromise, argument, or discussion of any kind is only for the purpose of better positioning themselves to achieve it.

These people are driven to a literally murderous rage by a cartoon. But don't think that the important point is that it is something as trivial as a cartoon. No, it's an opinion that enrages them. The expression of any idea that opposes their ideology is a threat to them.
But this is an ideology explicitly opposed to ideas, not just certain ideas, but ideas in and of themselves. Every idea is in opposition to their ideology.

Even taking our freedom would not be enough. They would know that we still have ideas, and that the very existence of those ideas and a mind capable of producing them threatens to undermine the glorious purity of their ingorance, their holy emptiness. Only death can fully eliminate the possibility of an idea. They seek death of the mind first, and when even that isn't enough, death of the body - preferably in pursuit of as many other deaths as they can create. Only through death can they assure themselves of a completely mindless, idea-less state. And only through our deaths can they assure that the world and the people they leave behind will not be contaminated by ideas.

It's hard to believe that such depravity is real. It's inconceivable that anyone human could want nothing - not to be free of wants, but to literally want nothingness, void, null. It's tempting, almost irresistable to try to find some reason, some rational, concrete position that would at least make it understandable, correctible. But there is none. Believe it. Wrap you mind around that one almost literally unbelievable fact.

There is no rational position, there is no gross error that leads them to a mistaken conclusion that freedom is flawed in some way. It's far deeper, far more evil than that. If freedom were perfect, they'd hate even more perfectly. It's because freedom is something, that they hate it. When what you want is to not exist, then every thing and every body is just an obstacle to be destoyed.