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This is the archive for October 2005

Monday, October 31, 2005

Why that title? On this day?

Because this day is what that day, and all the days in between, have been all about for the Democrats. The liberal agenda is dangling by three ropes that keep it from falling into the pits of hell where it belongs. They've spent at least the last 80 years reinforcing those ropes, strengthening them layer upon layer. And they've had the gall to try to use those same ropes to strangle the rest of us at the same time. These three ropes give the liberal agenda cradle to grave control over all of our lives. They are education, the courts, and social security.

Though they've spent decades throwing up one secondary lifeline after another - taxes, the environment, "equal" rights, social "justice" and the like - those only serve to entagle decent human beings and to obfuscate the central core of those three ropes that mean everything to them.

In 2000 they sensed - to say "thought" would be giving they're animalistic instincts too much credit - that the mood of the country was turning against them and the George Bush might just be the one to cut right to that core. They tried to subvert the election process to keep him out of office, knowing that with the average age of this Supreme Court, that the next President would have a clear and open shot to hack away at one of those three ropes. They failed at that, in part due to a conservative block that also sensed the importance of all this.

Because they failed, their only hope has been to weaken Bush using whatever opportunities present themselves. Do they conscientiously object to the war in Iraq? No, they could care less except to the extent that it is an opportunity to weaken Bush. Do they care about Valerie Plame being outed? Of course not, it's merely a way to kneecap Bush at what they rightly see as a critical time. Do they care about reforming campaign financing? Only if reform means that they can get further control of the process in order to keep future Bushes out of the White House and his like out of Congress.

Bush has kept them on the defensive. He's already begun hacking at two of those three ropes. Social Security reform was a huge threat to the core liberal agenda. Should it ever pass with any level of privitization - and don't assume it is dead, it is just biding its time - it will completely undermine and destroy one of those three ropes in just a few generations. The appointment of Janice Rogers Brown and Pricilla Owens to the Federal bench sent them into a panic, and caused them to overplay their hands. The appointment of John Bolton to the UN Ambassadorship - and Bush's treatment of the UN in general - has begun hacking away at what could be a fourth and nearly decisive supporting rope - one that may render the strength of the other three moot by making an end run around their necessity - before they had a chance to fully establish it.

The Democratic spin has already begun, and the talking points have been long planned. A good rule of thumb with liberals is that whatever they accuse their opposition of, they have either already done it, or are planning to.

This nomination is divisive? It is only in that it is not perfectly in line with their agenda. It is their way or no way, and they will happily split the country into as many factions as it takes to weaken it to the point where no opposition to them is possible.

This nomination doesn't preserve the established balance of the court? It is Democrats who packed the court in the 30's, and who have sought every opportunity to replace a conservative with a liberal ever since.

This nomination is radical? Nothing is more radical than their vision of what the US should be and their willingness to subvert and undermine the constitution via the courts in order to see that vision made real.

This nomination is "troubling" and obstructionist? If Alito is the strict constructionist he is said to be, his tenure on the bench could only serve to obstruct the liberals efforts to cause trouble for anyone wanting to live their own lives, to own propety, and to produce and to earn money.

Our Constitution is a deeply flawed document in execution, but it's intent was mostly sound. The liberals have, almost from its inception, sought to use it's flaws in execution to undermine its intent. If Alito is determined to use that intent as his guide, it won't make this a free country, but it could set us on the road to being the country the framers intended it to be. A long and winding one to be sure, but the right road at least.

This is the Armageddon battle for the liberals. They are fighting for their very lives and they know it. This will be a WWIII of "nuclear" exchanges, underhanded tactics, and all the dvisiveness and radicalism the Democrats can muster. They will tear this country to shreds if they have to on the slimmest of hopes that it could prevent this appointment.

My guess is it won't work, despite all the damage it could do, and the beginning of the end of the liberal stranglehold on all that is right and good is actually within reach. Then we can begin the business of dealing with the conservative stranglehold on all that is right and good in a clean fight without all the "enemy of my enemy" bullshit clouding our judgement.