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This is the archive for August 2005

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I too caught the comment that Billy Beck refers to here, though I hadn't integrated it as fully as he does. It's also a phenomenon that Thomas Sowell notes repeatedly in his writing, referring to it as "the seen vs the unseen".

And note Beck's use of the term "new integration" in his title. It's not something he just noticed, or an idea that just came to him passively from some mysterious muse, it's an integration. That implies work, it implies active, goal-oriented thought. It's been integrated, not just collected - it's now part of him. That's what intelligent people do, they build their minds and their consciousness not unlike the way an architect builds a building. The failure he notes is also a failure to perform this most basic of human functions. Those who seek knowledge passively, who think that it is a process of collecting things given by others, and those who seek growth through feelings, will never know the joy that causes a thinking person to want to share a new integration with the rest of us.