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This is the archive for May 2005

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Please read the last, short, article in this blog.

It seems like just a normal guy, going about his normal business. It takes on a whole different meaning when you know that the blogger that wrote that, and his sister, were tied up and stabbed to death minutes later by the man mentioned in the blog.

It's one thing to look at the number of people murdered - usually for incredibly trivial reasons - and think about how bad that number is. It's another thing to look at them one at a time.

That this can happen, and so often in our society, is no accident.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Baseball's drug scandal is so 20th century

So says Simon Smith at The tagline for the article says "...genetic modification of athletes not only to improve competition, but also to improve humanity", and while the article fails to explore this idea as fully as it could, it got me thinking.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

At the first mention of "Economics", most people's eyes glaze over. That's no surprise, as "the Dismal Science" as it is called is so overwrought with arcane equations and contrived concepts that I sometimes wonder if even economists really understand it.

A big part of that obscurity does one thing: it hides one simple, basic fact of economics that any 8-year old boy who has ever traded baseball cards could understand. It doesn't require complicated proof, or ideological agreement, and it won't require any math beyond 2+2. All it requires is an explanation that integrates facts you already know, and simple, nearly self-evident logic. And no, it's not the law of supply and demand. It's not nearly that complicated.

These equations and charts and hifalutin' ideas seem to have little bearing on real life, and to a large extent, they don't. This one fact does, however. It is so fundamental to real life, and so simple, that if you really understand it, if you accept it, it will change everything about how you see economics. It may even turn you into a capitalist.

So if you've made it this far, read on. If you're one of those people who says "I will never become an evil capitalist, no matter what evidence and facts I see", then go ahead and move on to the next blog.